Talk about all about night! Let's play healthy tonight

Today, if we talk about everything related to 'night', we will know that you will open it. However, this time, we will play healthy!

There are poems, songs, food and movies related to the night Of course, the most important thing is that we also have the door god of health!

'Night' Poetry

Remember last year's big fire 'Chinese poetry conference'. The contestants were all talented, and their poems and songs were at your fingertips. Mr. Dong Qing spoke of the beauty of lotus flowers. Their cooperation made people feel as if they were swimming in a beautiful ocean of poetry. It was a journey of the soul. Today, let's have a taste of the ink Poems related to 'night' in fragrance.

On the seventh day of July, when no one whispered in the middle of the night. ——From Song of everlasting regret by Bai Juyi of Tang Dynasty

It is the witness of the love between Tang Ming Huang and Yang Guifei. It is a beautiful memory of Yang Guifei's special room and special pet;

Grape wine luminous cup, to drink Pipa immediately urge. ——From two poems of Liangzhou written by Wang Han of Tang Dynasty

It was a determination to see death as if it were going home, with the solemn and stirring mood of dressing up in a suit. It seemed bold and open-minded, but in fact, it was extremely sad;

Since the loss of sleep, long night wet why. ——From the song of thatched cottage broken by autumn wind by Du Fu of Tang Dynasty

The ancients also suffered from insomnia and worry. When the country broke through mountains and rivers, the country was not peaceful, and the people were unable to live in peace. It was like the appearance of all living beings under the epidemic situation in the year of gengzi;

Night lie listening to the wind and rain, iron horse glacier dream. ——Written by Lu You of Song Dynasty

Patriotism is an eternal topic. Among the core socialist values, patriotism is the deepest, most fundamental and eternal;


Dew from tonight white, the moon is hometown Ming. ——From the memory of my elder brother on a moonlit night by Du Fu of Tang Dynasty

For those who are far away from home, their hometown will always be their strongest support, and their parents will always affect their innermost nerves;

Song Guan terrace sound fine, swing courtyard night deep. ——From Song · Su Shi's spring night

There has always been a gap between the rich and the poor. Senior officials and nobles are seizing all their time to play, play, and enjoy. They play and sing in the spring night and indulge in the beautiful night. How ironic this moment is for the poor people to starve to death or struggle.

'Night' Song

Today, let's talk about the song 'you are my eye' about the night. 'Is God covering the curtain in front of my eyes and forgetting to open it up, you are my eye, taking me to appreciate the changes of the four seasons'. When Xiao Huangqi's low voice rings, a good Lyric song comes to us. In his 'white world', Xiao Huangqi tells us about his journey To the mood of the story. It is because Xiao Huangqi can't see and can't be as wide as the world that the discerning eye touches, so he can exert his creativity in a wild way.

Therefore, his song is a simple and direct inner world that can be heard, touched and smelled. 'You are my eyes, take me through the changes of the four seasons, take me through the crowd.'. Xiao Huangqi's loud and affectionate songs send out the unremitting self-improvement and nostalgia for the colorful world, which makes people moved.

'Night' food

Suddenly hungry, there are too many delicious food in the night. A hot pot can make you and your friends enjoy it. How about a hot pot meal? Barbecue is a delicious food in the evening. Let's have a barbecue with three or two friends. Coffee is a must to stay up late and the key to rejuvenate your spirit at night There are too many delicious foods for the evening.

'Night' movie

The Shawshank Redemption recommends a movie suitable for the evening. It tells the story of Andy, a young banker, who was wrongly convicted of killing his wife and imprisoned in Shawshank prison. His desire for freedom, his unjust struggle, and his self-protection by using the knowledge he has learned in the desperate circumstances in prison, etc., highlights the significance of efforts and the value of freedom. In the end, the story of Andy, a young banker, shows the value of freedom, Andy successfully escaped from prison and went to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to start another life.

The film tells us the meaning of freedom, the value of struggle, and the determination to never give up. Of course, everything about Andy's escape from prison is related to the night: digging escape channels, polishing escape tools, escaping successfully......

'Night' health

Here, let's talk about the health issues related to the night. During the day, our health is protected by the sun. Ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria. At night, in our invisible kitchen and bathroom, bacteria are spreading rapidly. Bacteria like the night, just as people like money, there is no reason, is born to like.

And our LED deep UV kitchen and bathroom germicidal lamp can give you and your family double care at night.




Is the toilet at night like being under the care of a blue guard? Does it look like a blue health door god is installed in your bathroom? With this fitness door god, you don't have to worry about the spread of bacteria in the evening, and you don't have to worry about the invisible bacteria on your toiletries.

Led deep UV kitchen and bathroom germicidal lamp can eliminate mites, kill bacteria and intelligent induction. Even at night, it can make kitchen and bathroom full of 'sunshine'. We use imported LED lamp beads, which is low-consumption, energy-saving and durable. Plug in the germicidal lamp, it can automatically work, you do not need to tube, human body induction, save worry and effort!

Hurry to buy a set, for your 'night' add luster, let you and your family's night, by the blue health guard care!

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