Let's take a look at the partners who participated in the research before!

Survey phase overview:

The questionnaire survey started on November 22, 2019 and has been successfully completed by November 29, 2019. The activity lasted 8 days and the total number of visitors exceeded 30000.

In the product development stage, our company carried out a theme of 'portable UV-C deep UV sterilizer design research', and 'participate in the research and choose the product appearance you like. If it is adopted by the company, the company will send the product to you free of charge'. Now, we are going to send you products for free!!

First of all, thank you very much for your strong support for this survey. During the survey, we collected a lot of valuable messages and suggestions. Now the 'portable UV-C deep UV sterilizer', which is what we call 'disinfection elf', is the first batch of products online. We will send this batch of products free of charge to all participants in the research.

Although the investigation stage is over, the construction of the new project is still in progress. If you have good opinions and suggestions, you can leave a message to us in the background, and the editor can see it. Thank you again for your support and participation!

About sending prizes:

Xiaobian has sorted out the research materials. In the near future, our staff will contact the partners participating in the research and send our 'disinfection elves' for free.

Big news of the prize:

With a responsible attitude, Xiaobian sticks to the company base with big black eyes and finally gets the prize information about this event! In addition to the research products, the company also released another two popular disinfection artifact throughout the network!

Portable led deep ultraviolet disinfection stick


Led deep ultraviolet portable sterilizer


Led deep ultraviolet germicidal lamp for kitchen and bathroom



Surprise or not? Are you surprised?! Don't worry if you don't get free products. There are many wonderful activities in the follow-up. Don't miss it. OK, we'll see you next time!

PS. lucky winners follow up the experience of welcome, welcome to the friends circle or the official account slide show. Wonderful use experience has a chance to win the mysterious prize!! We will select 20 lucky partners to give free 'portable led deep UV disinfection stick' and some 'led deep UV kitchen and bathroom germicidal lamp'!

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