Anti epidemic Formula 1 sterilization stick, comprehensive disinfection, guard your health!

Recently, more and more new confirmed cases have been reported, which is really shocking, so now we insist on daily disinfection.

In the face of the epidemic, everyone is worried. A while ago, disinfection and protection products were very nervous. When a bottle of hand sanitizer was hard to get, Xiaobian felt that what could be done to ease everyone’s anxiety? So I thought of it.

In fact, our disinfection method is not only one. It uses Aerospace led ultraviolet technology for sterilization. Since the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of last year, Xiaobian has been using its own disinfection products. Friends around us also think that it is worth recommending.



In these days when the whole country is fighting the epidemic together, we are concerned about the instant news of the epidemic every day. We isolate ourselves, urge each other, and strive to realize that we will not increase the burden on the society.

Under the promotion of returning to work and giving birth again, everyone prepared hand sanitizer and masks early. However, news broke out frequently, and viral nucleic acids were also detected in the feces of infected persons and even on the doorknobs of their homes.

According to one of our clients, because of a confirmed case in the neighborhood, she is very nervous and worried every day and can’t sleep well every night. She also divided the living room into two parts. On one side, the entrance area was designated as ’pollution area’. The clothes and backpacks for going out were put here, which was ’isolated’ from other items in the family. On the other side, it was the area for children to play.

This not only reduces the children’s activity space, but also causes the family panic. In fact, we do not need to panic, follow the advice of professionals, do a good job in disinfection and protection, can greatly protect their own and family health.

For example, try to go out as little as possible, wear masks correctly and wash hands frequently;after going home, disinfect and change clothes in time to isolate the virus outside the door. 


It is also a necessary measure to separate the outer clothing. In addition, Xiaobian thinks that disinfection of shoes is also very important. It is recommended to disinfect the shoes when entering the door.

Today, Xiaobian has been using the ultra convenient UVC led deep ultraviolet disinfection stick to share with you.


It is this small deep ultraviolet disinfection stick, which can kill 99% of the bacteria and viruses attached to the objects by quick sweeping.

It has a strong and effective disinfection effect, can kill 99% of the bacteria and viruses, where need to sweep where, efficient and simple.

It can be quickly killed in 10 seconds. It is suitable for the surface of various materials. After disinfection, the fabric will have the ’sunshine smell’ after being exposed to the sun.

Is a very good home travel essential disinfection products. In special period, sweep the toilet, disinfect it completely and use it safely.


During the special period, when taking a taxi to go out, Xiaobian used a disinfection stick to sweep and disinfect every time, and then took the bus again. It was quite reassuring.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a high incidence of infectious diseases. There are many other pathogens. Protect yourself and try not to go to hospitals to reduce cross infection.

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Ultraviolet, a powerful disinfection method

UV has a strong ability to kill virus and bacteria, there are almost no UV resistant bacteria in nature.

Why is it so powerful?

In short, it directly destroys the ability of bacteria and viruses to reproduce and die.

UVC LED technology is used to produce short wave ultraviolet rays with wavelength of 270-280 nm. DNA or RNA can be destroyed in about 10 seconds, which makes them lose the ability of reproduction and survival.


Saifu adopts the advanced technology of aviation and Astronautics to install the LED ultraviolet lamp into the household small disinfection equipment.

Led UV disinfection technology was only used in aerospace water purification and special medical products, and began to enter the civil market last year.


Sweep back and forth to eliminate bacteria and viruses!

This sterilizer is about the same length as a laptop. It’s very convenient to use it in home disinfection!

It can be summed up as follows:

It takes only 10 seconds to kill quickly;

It can be used in almost all kinds of goods;

Simple operation, fashionable and portable;

Strong endurance, environmental protection and no residue.

Operation method:

Press the switch button to start, swing back and forth at the surface of the object for 10 seconds.

The disinfection stick is also provided with child lock protection, which can not be opened after locking, even if the baby presses it disorderly.


For you worry about the harm of direct exposure to human body, Saifu also made a close precaution: sensing the eyes and skin, immediately stop working.

Once the illumination surface inclines, the ultraviolet light will automatically turn off to prevent direct exposure to the human body.


Suitable for all families

Safe and effective disinfection

A must for a baby family

Baoma took her baby out of the house. She was afraid that her baby’s pram would come into contact with unclean germs. Therefore, disinfection of the baby carriage must be carried out from time to time.


Baby’s favorite toys should always remember to disinfect~

There are also computers commonly used in office and toys piled up with dust for a long time, which is also a disaster area with serious germs. It is more reassuring to sweep the computers when cleaning.

The most important thing is that this stick can also disinfect underwear! Female friends know that underwear must be disinfected by the sun to completely kill bacteria and viruses. With this baby, you don’t have to worry about the sun~~

’Shovel excrement official’ essential

Keeping pets at home, household disinfection has become a daily need to do at any time. Because cats like to jump up and down; dogs also like to flip and bite. If you don’t pay attention, these pets will climb on the bed and sofa.

Can’t wash, can’t spray disinfectant, because pets love to lick and bite, eat to do not do well will be poisoned. So it’s a great way to use this sterilizer! Meng pet’s sweeping after climbing to be an excellent and qualified ’excrement removing officer’~

The use of disinfection stick can also reduce the number of sick babies, so Saifu portable led disinfection stick must be started. Disinfect pet products at regular intervals.


With a few hundred pieces of disinfection stick, you can save thousands of dollars for the next visit!


Small and portable, suitable for home business

The length of the sterilizer is slightly less than 13 inches for laptop computers. It doesn’t occupy any space in the trunk. It is also suitable for carrying.


When you are on business, you can sweep down the bed and bath towel, and you can rest assured and sleep well;

There are also wet bathtubs and closets in the bathroom, which are all concentration camps for bacteria. We must pay attention to disinfection.


The heart rate of pet powder is 10 years

Saifu has been committed to research and development of UVC led deep ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization products. Today, we will bring you this portable disinfection stick with swing sweeping disinfection.


Saifu deep UV LED products, the selection of imported chips, life up to 20000 hours. One sterilizer can be used for about 3 years, and it costs less than 40 cents per day. It’s very cost-effective!

There is a full year warranty after purchase!!

The first batch of sterilized sticks are expected to arrive at the warehouse on the 30th to start delivery.

Shunfeng parcel mail nationwide, express home, so that the need for health fans early to get the hand.

Finally, Saifu reminds us that we hope that we can stick to it, cooperate with the guidance of professionals, believe in science, and do a good job in personal protection!

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Precautions for use

do not expose the skin and eyes;

●Don’t let children play with the sterilizer at will;

●Attention should be paid to the duration of disinfection and the dead corners that are easy to be ignored;

●Please lock the child lock after disinfection.


Write it at the end

At present, the epidemic situation at home and abroad is serious. We must not take it lightly. It is more important to do personal protection and disinfection in time. Saifu has developed this portable led deep ultraviolet disinfection stick. I hope you can buy this sterilizer to protect your and your family’s health!

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