More healthy, more portable, Saifu set off a new reform in the disinfection industry with products
At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of the new epidemic situation disrupted everyone’s life and work rhythm, and also let the previously neglected anti epidemic products such as alcohol, masks, protective clothing and so on, which were ignored by the public. In particular, the demand for masks increased sharply during the epidemic period, and once there was a situation of short supply. This is enough to prove that the epidemic has greatly improved people’s health awareness In real life, because of the fear and worry about the epidemic situation, many people choose epidemic prevention products in a hurry. It is the most correct choice to choose the right protection means in the right scene. The mask industry and disinfection industry should constantly improve the quality, innovation and safety of products, so as to eliminate the new coronavirus in the transmission channels Human body damage.
It is the deep understanding of public demand and market trend that makes Saifu safe, a subsidiary of Shanghai lingshang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., to launch saf portable led deep ultraviolet disinfection stick safe-s2, which integrates the characteristics of portability, humanization, high efficiency and better health. As a brand focusing on the research and development of LED deep UV sterilization series of portable products, saf safe has been launched for home use before There are two types of UV-C led deep ultraviolet disinfection sticks, and the arrival of saf-s2 has made up the last short board of the disinfection industry, making portability, versatility and applicability the new product labels on the disinfection sticks.
With more than ten years of experience in LED product production technology, Saifu made in-depth thinking at the beginning of developing safe-s2. To break the ’pain point’ in the traditional disinfection industry, it is necessary to design products from the perspective of users. Although the disinfection effect of UV sterilized mercury lamp with wide popularity in the past is acceptable, it also has the disadvantages of harmful substances, large light attenuation and short service life. The imported LED lamp beads adopted by Saifu safe-s2 are disinfected by broad-spectrum sterilization. On the basis of not containing harmful substances, they will not produce harmful substances. The deep ultraviolet light of LED can directly destroy bacterial propagation and spores At the same time, saf-s2 can also purify the air and provide a fresh environment for people.
It is particularly worth mentioning that saf-s2, after ensuring the most basic and most important disinfection function, also adds portability and high appearance value. With a length of 280 * 31 * 28mm, supplemented by the mainstream type-C fast charging interface, it can be taken with you and taken with you for home use or business trip, and the battery life can last for 90 minutes at a time Most people’s disinfection needs; the design of the pearly white fuselage and the red buttons makes Saifu safe-s2 break people’s impression of ’stupid, big and thick’ at one stroke. In addition, the addition of humanized functions such as child lock design, infrared induction, intelligent voice, anti accidental touch, and instant stop of exposure to human face, makes saf-s2 more healthy and more ’human’ Love ’.
The launch of the new product saf-s2 is just a silhouette of Saifu’s deep cultivation in the disinfection industry and its commitment to the health of Chinese people. In the future, Saifu will be more innovative and rational, take root in the LED disinfection industry, popularize disinfection knowledge for consumers and the industry, provide more reliable detoxification products, and constantly set off new changes in the disinfection industry.

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